Locker Beef - 1/8 Beef Box

Locker Beef - 1/8 Beef Box

40-50 lbs - requires 1.75 cubic feet of freezer space

Our Grass-Fed Locker Beef 1/8 Beef includes 40-50 pounds of dry-aged steaks, mouth-watering roasts, delicious ground beef, stew meat, ribs and more. We dry-age our beef, just like gourmet restaurants and high-end butcher shops. The result is tender texture, deep color and a big ‘beefy’ flavor from a source that you can trust. Oregon Meat Co's Certified Black Angus cattle live their lives the way nature intended. They start their lives being born on pasture and spend the duration of their lives freely roaming on open pasture. Our beef is free of chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.



100% Grass-Fed and Finished Certified Angus Beef