Beef Stock Bones

Beef Stock Bones

100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef Stock Bones - Approximately 4 pounds

Unlock Robust Flavors with Oregon Meat Co.'s Premium Beef Stock Bones

Step up your culinary game with Oregon Meat Co.'s Beef Stock Bones, an essential part of our superior range of 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef products. Our stock bones offer an unmatchable depth and complexity of flavor, laying the groundwork for delectable soups, broths, and stews.

Each package may contain a mix of marrow, knuckle, and rib bones, to bring richness to your broths and stocks. The marrow adds a silky, luxurious mouthfeel; the knuckle contributes collagen for body, and the rib bones lend a deep, 'beefy' undertone. When slowly simmered, these bones release their bounty, creating a nutritious, flavorful base that will take your dishes to the next level.

Our commitment at Oregon Meat Co. is to nurture our cattle in a way that aligns with nature. Our cows are born and raised on the lush pastures of Oregon, living their lives freely and without stress. They are never treated with chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. Our beef is dry-aged, mimicking the practices of gourmet restaurants and high-end butcher shops, to enhance the natural tenderness, color, and flavor of the meat.

Culinary Adventure Begins with Our Beef Stock Bones

Use these bones to create a rich, homemade beef stock, the cornerstone of a good French Onion Soup. Or simmer them with fresh vegetables and herbs for a comforting bone broth, known for its health-boosting properties. Transform your family's favorite stew or gravy by adding a rich beef bone stock. The possibilities are endless.

The Wholesome Goodness of Our Beef Stock Bones

Besides their culinary value, beef stock bones are a nutritional goldmine. The marrow provides healthy fats and vitamins, while the collagen released during cooking supports joint and skin health. Moreover, a well-made bone broth is an excellent source of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Ready to Discover the Magic of Oregon Meat Co.'s Beef Stock Bones?

With an average package weight of 2.5 lbs, there's enough for several batches of stock or broth. Embrace the superior quality of our 100% grass-fed beef and embark on a flavor journey that enhances your dishes, promotes healthful eating, and upholds ethical, sustainable farming practices. Experience the joy of creating exceptional meals that taste great, nourish your body, and honor the planet.