About our Farm

Welcome to Rossallini Farm! We are a multi-species, pasture raised livestock farm located in Scio, Oregon, producing some of the finest meats in the Willamette Valley. Our grass-fed and finished animals include beef, lamb, goat, and occasionally pork, chicken, and rabbit.

We believe in harnessing the power of soil biology and sunlight to grow healthy pasture, avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizer and herbicides. Our livestock are the tool we use to harvest the nutrients from lush pastures and return them back to the soil. The result is high-quality, nutrient dense meats that are the byproduct of our sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Meet Tyler and Sarah, the owners and operators of Rossallini Farm and Oregon Meat Co. Sarah is the friendly face behind the wheel, delivering our delicious meats along the I5 corridor from Eugene to Portland. By day, she works as a project manager to make Oregon a safer and healthier place, and by night she is an expert in the kitchen. Tyler brings the muscle to the farm and isn't afraid of putting in long hours to make sure everything is taken care of. He works as the Farm Manager at a soil health research and native seed production farm, and in his free time enjoys spending time with his dogs, houseplants, and exploring the great outdoors.

Follow along on our adventures and join us on this journey to bring you the best, grass-fed and finished meats that are raised right! Check us out on Instagram @rossallinifarm.@rossallinifarm.