Field to Fork Pork Box

Field to Fork Pork Box

20 lbs of Pasture Raised Pork

Savor the Journey from Field to Fork with Oregon Meat Co.'s Premium Pork Box

Embark on a culinary adventure with Oregon Meat Co.'s Field to Fork Pork Box. Each box is a carefully curated selection of our top-quality, pasture-raised pork products, providing a delightful exploration of flavors, textures, and cooking possibilities.

Our Field to Fork Pork Box includes a succulent variety of 20 lbs of our finest pork cuts - Bacon, Chops, Ground Pork, and Sausage. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, this collection promises a wealth of creativity and taste in your kitchen. From the smoky, savory pleasure of our bacon to the versatile, flavorful ground pork and the richness of our sausage, each cut brings its unique character to your dining table.

At Oregon Meat Co., we are dedicated to humane, sustainable farming practices. Our pigs roam freely in lush Oregon pastures and are fed a diet of fresh, locally milled food, free from GMOs, corn, or soy. This ensures a superior, healthier product that honors our commitment to the environment and animal welfare.

Cooking with the Field to Fork Pork Box

Imagine the aroma of bacon sizzling in the pan for a comforting Sunday breakfast, the satisfying sear of chops on the grill for a BBQ with friends, the rich, hearty flavor of ground pork in your homemade pasta sauce, or the delightful spiciness of our sausage in a cozy winter stew. The opportunities for culinary creativity are boundless.

Nourish Your Body with Every Bite

Besides their exquisite taste, our pork products are also rich in essential nutrients. They are an excellent source of high-quality protein, packed with vitamins and minerals, including iron and B-vitamins, contributing to a balanced, healthy diet.

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure with Oregon Meat Co.'s Field to Fork Pork Box?

Priced at $225, our Field to Fork Pork Box delivers exceptional value for the quality and variety it offers. Enjoy the remarkable flavors of our pasture-raised pork, support sustainable farming practices, and transform your meals into memorable dining experiences that pay tribute to the fertile lands of Oregon.



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