Goat Bones

Goat Bones

100% Grass Fed Goat Bones - 2-3 pounds per bag

Unleash Deep, Rich Flavors with Oregon Meat Co.'s Premium Goat Bones

Indulge in the earthy, aromatic richness of Oregon Meat Co.'s goat bones, a prime offering in our assortment of 100% grass-fed goat products. These bones, sourced from our pasture-raised goats, are a treasure trove of flavor that will elevate your broths, soups, and stews to gourmet levels.

Our goat bones are known for their profound ability to imbue any dish with a hearty, robust taste and exquisite complexity. Simmer them slowly to extract a nutrient-rich broth that serves as the perfect base for your favorite culinary creations. The marrow within, often considered a delicacy, provides a silky texture and a depth of flavor that is simply unmatched.

At Oregon Meat Co., we're passionate about sustainable, ethical farming. Our goats graze freely on lush Oregon pastures, fed exclusively on grass and never subjected to GMOs, corn, or soy. By adhering to these principles, we ensure a goat product that's as respectful to the environment as it is exceptional in taste.

Bring a new dimension to your culinary repertoire with our goat bones

Use them to create a rich, comforting bone broth, simmered slowly to extract the full depth of flavor. Or add them to your favorite stew or curry, where they will impart a unique taste and richness. They are also ideal for making traditional dishes such as the Middle Eastern Mansaf, where their flavor truly shines.

Nutrition that Doesn't Compromise on Flavor

In addition to providing unparalleled taste, goat bones are a great source of nutrients. They are rich in collagen, which supports skin, joint, and bone health, and their marrow is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including iron and Vitamin B12.

Ready to explore the unique flavors of Oregon Meat Co.'s goat bones?

Our average package size is approximately 3 lbs, offering ample opportunity for you to experiment and create. Dive into the wonderful world of our 100% grass-fed goat products and embark on a flavor journey that will thrill your palate, while supporting sustainable and humane farming practices. Discover a dining experience that's not only unforgettable but is also a testament to the respect and care we have for our planet.

100% grass-fed goat bones are a rich source of collagen, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, and other nutrients. They are also a good source of flavor and can be used to make stocks and broths, or added to soups and stews to enhance their flavor. The bones are typically simmered for several hours to extract their nutrients and flavor into the liquid.