Goat Chops

Goat Chops

100% Grass Fed Goat - 4 chops per package
$15.99 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Savor the Unmatched Flavor of Oregon Meat Co.'s Grass-fed Goat Chops

Indulge in the rich, distinct taste of Oregon Meat Co.'s grass-fed goat chops, a standout selection in our premium range of locally sourced, grass-fed goat products. Each pack comes from goats raised with utmost care and attention, resulting in meat that's incredibly tender, flavorful, and sure to impress at any home-cooked meal.

Our goat chops, cut from the loin, are a culinary delight. Known for their delicate flavor and succulent texture, these chops are a versatile cut that can be grilled, roasted, broiled, or slow-cooked. Paired with our ethical farming practices, our goat chops offer a taste experience that's not only satisfying but also sustainable.

At Oregon Meat Co., we raise our goats on lush, local pastures, allowing them to graze on a variety of grasses that contribute to their overall health and the exceptional quality of the meat. We remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainable, ethical farming, guaranteeing a product that's free from GMOs and synthetic enhancers.

Let your culinary creativity soar with our grass-fed goat chops

Marinate them in a blend of garlic, rosemary, and lemon before grilling to medium-rare for a delightful main course. Slow-cook them in a fragrant curry or tagine to create a meal that warms the soul. Or keep it simple with a salt and pepper rub, searing them on high heat to lock in their natural, grass-fed flavor.

Nutrient-Rich and Full of Flavor

Goat meat is a nutritional powerhouse. It's lean, high in protein, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals like iron and Vitamin B12. Our grass-fed goat chops are not only a tasty choice but a healthy one too.

Ready to bring home the unique taste of Oregon Meat Co.'s grass-fed goat chops?

Our average package size is 1 lb, with 4 chops per pack, perfect for a family meal. Experience the unrivaled quality of our grass-fed goat and embark on a culinary journey that's as pleasing to the palate as it is responsible towards our planet. It's time to enjoy meals that are memorable, full of flavor, and a testament to sustainable farming.



100% Grass Fed Goat