Goat Heart

Goat Heart

100% Grass-Fed Goat Heart

Embrace the Culinary Adventure with Oregon Meat Co.'s Grass-fed Goat Heart

Dive into a gastronomic journey with Oregon Meat Co.'s 100% grass-fed goat heart, a unique and delectable offering in our range of premium, locally sourced goat meat products. Each goat heart hails from our meticulously reared goats, providing an exotic, nutritious addition that will inspire and elevate your home cooking.

The goat heart, a lean organ meat, is an overlooked delicacy that offers a rich, robust flavor, complemented by a firm, yet tender texture. It's an adventurous choice that will reward those seeking to explore beyond traditional cuts of meat, adding an exciting dimension to a variety of dishes.

At Oregon Meat Co., we firmly adhere to sustainable and ethical farming methods. Our goats thrive on lush Oregon pastures, grazing freely on a 100% grass diet, contributing to a product that's exceptionally tasty and environmentally responsible.

Unleash your creativity with our grass-fed goat heart

Sear it quickly over high heat for a surprisingly tender and flavorful steak experience, or slow-cook it in stews and curries to infuse a rich, unique flavor. Grilled skewers of marinated goat heart offer a delightful option for barbecues or brochettes.

A powerhouse of nutrition

Goat heart is not just flavorful but also a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with high-quality protein, vital minerals like iron, selenium, and zinc, and rich in B-vitamins, it's a wholesome choice for those seeking both health and flavor.

Ready to experience the unique charm of Oregon Meat Co.'s grass-fed goat heart?

With an average package size of 0.75 lb, it's the perfect portion for a family meal or culinary experiment. Discover the quality and ethical commitment inherent in our 100% grass-fed goat meat. Begin a journey of taste that not only delights your palate but also contributes positively to our planet's well-being. Welcome to a world of flavor, where sustainability and culinary delight go hand-in-hand.