Goat Ribs

Goat Ribs

100% Grass-Fed Goat - approximately 0.75 lbs per package
$12.99 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Discover the Savory Delight of Oregon Meat Co.'s Grass-fed Goat Ribs

Immerse yourself in the savory, unique flavors of Oregon Meat Co.'s 100% grass-fed goat ribs, an exceptional cut in our exclusive range of locally raised goat meat products. Sourced from our responsibly reared goats, these ribs promise a flavorful adventure that will impress at your dining table.

Goat ribs, cut from the lower portion of the rib cage, are a cut that's rich with distinctive flavor and perfect for slow-cooked dishes. When prepared with patience and care, these ribs transform into a tender, juicy delicacy that's packed with the earthy, grassy notes unique to goat meat.

Oregon Meat Co. is committed to sustainable, ethical farming. Our goats graze freely on verdant Oregon pastures, their diet exclusively consisting of lush, locally grown grass. This all-natural, grass-fed diet ensures a product that's superior in taste, while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable.

Explore Culinary Possibilities with Our Goat Ribs

Experience them in a classic barbecue, where the ribs, slow-cooked to perfection, pull away easily from the bone. Immerse them in a rich, spicy curry, a traditional preparation method in many cultures, where the meat tenderizes while soaking up the flavors of the sauce. Or try roasting them in the oven with a rub of herbs and spices, allowing the natural taste of the goat ribs to truly shine.

Nature’s Bounty, Packed with Nutrition

Grass-fed goat meat is leaner than many other meats and packed with essential nutrients. It's a great source of protein, contains less cholesterol than chicken, and offers a good amount of iron and Vitamin B12, a vital nutrient for nerve function and the creation of red blood cells.

Experience the Unique Flavor Profile of Oregon Meat Co.'s Goat Ribs Today

Our average package size is approximately 0.75 lbs, perfect for trying out those mouth-watering recipes. Embrace the exceptional quality of our 100% grass-fed goat meat and embark on a taste exploration that will delight your senses. With Oregon Meat Co., you support sustainable and ethical farming practices while enjoying dishes that are nutritious, flavorful, and a testament to the natural bounty of our planet.