Ground Beef Share - 150 lbs

Ground Beef Share - 150 lbs

100% Grass-Fed & Finished Ground Beef - 1 lb packages

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Discover the sheer delight of Oregon Meat Co.'s Ground Beef Share! Revel in the extraordinary taste of our 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised Certified Angus Beef, expertly ground and ready to transform your everyday meals into gastronomic wonders.

🔹GROUND BEEF SHARE: The Heart of Every Meal🔹

Our Ground Beef Share includes a generous 150 pounds of our top-grade ground beef, packed into convenient 1lb packages. A staple in every kitchen, our ground beef offers unmatched versatility, making it your go-to ingredient for an endless array of delectable dishes. From sizzling burgers, luscious lasagna, to a comforting chili or a savory Bolognese, our ground beef brings an incredible depth of flavor to your culinary creations.


Our Certified Angus beef at Oregon Meat Co. is 100% grass-fed & finished. Our cattle spend their lives as nature intended, freely grazing on our expansive 2400-acre pastures. Our herd's exceptional genetics consistently produce beef with outstanding marbling, a tender texture, deep color, and that robust 'beefy' flavor you crave. Rest assured, our ground beef is free from chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.


Experience the gourmet quality of our ground beef without any hidden costs. Please note, this product is not eligible for additional discounts or coupons.


Choose from our free beef pick-up events at various locations or opt for a home delivery for a minimal additional fee, depending on distance. We will share the pick-up schedule closer to the date.


Ground Beef Shares will be ready for pick-up starting in mid-July. Secure your share today and let the succulent taste of 100% grass-fed Angus ground beef redefine your home dining!


Questions? Get in touch with Sarah via text at 503-970-2529 for a prompt response!

Don't wait - enhance your culinary endeavors with our gourmet ground beef. Limited shares available, so reserve yours today!