Lamb Ribs

Lamb Ribs

100% Grass-Fed Lamb
$14.99 /lb.
Avg. 9.9 oz.

Delight in the Unparalleled Taste of Oregon Meat Co.'s Grass-Fed Lamb Ribs

Experience the exquisite, rich flavor of Oregon Meat Co.'s 100% grass-fed lamb ribs, a crowning jewel in our exceptional range of locally raised lamb products. Extracted from the side of the lamb, these ribs are a treat for the palate, sure to transform your home-cooked meals into gourmet experiences.

Our lamb ribs are an incredible blend of delicate meat and flavorful fat, which when slow-cooked, renders down beautifully, enhancing the succulent lamb with a crispy, golden crust. Whether you're a fan of BBQ, roasting, or slow cooking, our lamb ribs are your ticket to a meal to remember.

At Oregon Meat Co., we take our commitment to sustainable farming practices seriously. Our lambs graze freely on lush Oregon pastures, feasting on a diet of 100% grass. This results in a product that's not just extraordinarily flavorful but also incredibly ethical and sustainable.

Ignite your culinary imagination with our grass-fed lamb ribs

Smoke them for a BBQ classic, slow-cooked lamb ribs with a sticky, sweet glaze. Roast them in the oven, allowing the ribs' natural flavors to shine, paired with a fresh mint sauce. Or make a comforting lamb rib stew, slow-cooked until the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth.

Nutrition in Every Bite

Along with being a treasure trove of flavor, grass-fed lamb ribs are also a great source of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. They provide iron, crucial for blood health, and zinc, important for immune function. Plus, they contain a healthy amount of Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins that support a healthy nervous system and energy levels.

Ready to taste the difference with Oregon Meat Co.'s grass-fed lamb ribs?

Our average rib size is approximately 1.4 lbs, ideal for a family meal or a gourmet treat for yourself. Start your journey with our grass-fed lamb today and delight your senses with the highest quality meats, while supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices. It's time to dine with a difference and truly savor each bite.



100% Grass Fed Lamb.