March Meat Box

March Meat Box

100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef - approximately 10 lbs
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Our March Meat Box is here, and we're excited to offer you the best quality meat products at a great value. Our 100% grass-fed beef is born and raised with respect and humane handling, ensuring that you get the best-tasting and healthiest meat products possible.

Our March Meat Box includes 5 lbs of our delicious ground beef, perfect for making burgers, meatballs, and other tasty dishes. We also have 3 lbs of mouth-watering steak, ideal for grilling or pan-frying. And to top it off, we have 3 lbs of beef sausage in Italian, chorizo, and plain flavors, which can add a delightful touch to your dishes.

Looking for some meal inspiration? Here are some meal plans using the cuts of meat in our March Meat Box:

  • Classic Cheeseburgers: Use the ground beef to make juicy, flavorful cheeseburgers. Top them with your favorite toppings, and you have a satisfying meal ready in no time.
  • Steak Fajitas: Slice the steak thinly and marinate with your favorite spices. Then, pan-fry the steak with some sliced onions and bell peppers for a delicious and healthy fajita dish.
  • Sausage Pasta: Cook your favorite pasta and toss it with our beef sausage, some garlic, and fresh herbs. A simple yet satisfying dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

At Oregon Meat Co., we take pride in offering high-quality meat products that are not only delicious but also ethical and sustainable. Our March Meat Box is available for just $100, so order now and taste the difference of 100% grass-fed beef!



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