Pork - Canadian Bacon

Pork - Canadian Bacon

$16.99 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Experience Unmatched Flavor with Oregon Meat Co.'s Pork Canadian Bacon

Step into a world of mouthwatering delight with Oregon Meat Co.'s Pork Canadian Bacon, a signature cut from our premium, pasture-raised pork selection. Every slice is a testament to our conscientious farming methods and culinary prowess, promising to bring a wealth of flavor and succulence to your kitchen.

Our Canadian Bacon is a lean, tender cut from the loin of the pig, delicately smoked to perfection. Unlike regular bacon, which is made from pork belly, Canadian Bacon offers a more robust, meaty texture, coupled with a delicious smokiness that enhances its natural pork flavor.

With Oregon Meat Co., you are guaranteed not only an exceptional taste but also a healthy and sustainable eating experience. Our pigs graze freely on Oregon's verdant pastures, nourished with locally grown, freshly milled food that is GMO-free, and devoid of corn or soy. This commitment to natural, sustainable farming practices produces a product that is as good for the planet as it is tantalizing to the palate.

Unleash your culinary imagination with our Pork Canadian Bacon

Explore its versatility in the kitchen - enjoy it griddled for a classic eggs Benedict breakfast or layered in a club sandwich for a satisfying lunch. For an unforgettable dinner, why not try a Canadian Bacon pizza, or wrap it around chicken or seafood for a smoky, meaty boost to your favorite dishes?

When it comes to nutrition, our Pork Canadian Bacon stands out

It's a fantastic source of protein, essential for muscle repair and growth, and it's also packed with vital minerals like selenium and zinc, as well as B-vitamins for overall wellness and energy.

Ready for a flavor adventure? Explore Oregon Meat Co.'s Pork Canadian Bacon today

Experience the richness of our exceptional, pasture-raised pork. We promise a gastronomic journey that will inspire your cooking and thrill your senses. Our dedication to quality, sustainable farming will lead you to a dining experience that's not only memorable but also kind to our Earth.