Pork - Smoked Hocks / Shanks

Pork - Smoked Hocks / Shanks

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Savor the Flavor with Oregon Meat Co.'s Signature Smoked Pork Shanks

Discover the succulent, slow-smoked flavor of Oregon Meat Co.'s pasture-raised pork shanks, a culinary jewel in our premium, locally sourced pork range. Each shank is the result of meticulous, humane farming practices and unparalleled culinary craftsmanship, yielding a cut of meat that brings new dimensions of flavor and richness to your home-cooked meals.

The pork shank, cut from the foreleg of the pig, is a robust, hard-working muscle that transforms into a tender, juicy masterpiece when cooked low and slow. Its marrow-filled bone enriches any dish with a depth of flavor and silky texture, while the surrounding meat becomes meltingly tender and succulent, infused with the smokey goodness that only the best smoking techniques can deliver.

Oregon Meat Co.'s pork shanks not only bring extraordinary taste to your table but also ensure a healthier and more sustainable dining experience. Our pigs are raised on lush Oregon pastures, fed with fresh, locally milled food grown without the use of GMOs, corn, or soy. This dedication to natural, sustainable farming practices ensures a product that is as kind to the environment as it is delectable.

Kick your culinary creativity into high gear with our smoked pork shanks

Try them in a traditional Osso Buco, letting the meat slow-cook to perfection in a rich tomato and wine sauce. Or savor the taste of the American South with a smoked pork shank and collard greens dish, where the savory, smoky shanks create an irresistible broth for the greens. For a twist on a classic, use our shanks in a hearty split pea soup, their smokey richness elevating this comfort food to new gourmet heights.

When it comes to nutrition, smoked pork shanks are a powerhouse

They provide an excellent source of protein to help build and repair tissues. Also, they contain essential minerals like iron and zinc, as well as B-vitamins, which are necessary for a healthy nervous system and energy production.

So why wait? Dive into the world of Oregon Meat Co.'s smoked pork shanks today

Discover the taste of truly exceptional, pasture-raised pork. We promise a journey of flavor that will inspire your cooking and delight your taste buds. Let our commitment to quality, sustainable farming practices guide you to a dining experience that is both unforgettable and kind to our planet.