Deposit - Whole Beef July 2023

Deposit - Whole Beef July 2023

$1000 Non-Refundable Deposit for Whole Beef
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Whole Beef Share - July 2023 Harvest

At harvest, you will receive an invoice based on the weight of an actual animal you receive. The cost is $4.50/lb on the hanging weight, plus the processing costs. Processing will be done by Oakland Lockers. Average hanging weight for a whole beef averages from 650-750 pounds. A whole beef may be cut to your specifications or you may use our standard cut list.

WHOLE BEEF SHARE (standard cuts, custom cutting available)
4 package of tenderloin steaks
8-10 packages rib eye steaks
8-10 packages T-bone steaks
8-10 packages of meaty soup bones
12 packages of sirloin steaks
12 packages of sirloin tip steaks
12 packages bottom round steaks
12 packages of top round steak
8-10 packages of flanken style short ribs
12 chuck roasts
4 arm roast
4 cross rib roast
4 rump roast
4 brisket
2 skirt steak
2 flank steak
2 tri tip
100-150 lbs ground beef, stew meat

Average hanging weight for a whole beef averages from 700-800 pounds. After deboning, trimming, and cutting you will end up with approximately 400 pounds of meat for your freezer. 

A whole beef requires 15-20 cubic feet of freezer space. A whole beef is transported in 4 extra large (165 qt) coolers for reference. 

Deposits for Beef: $500 for WHOLE BEEF share. Once the animal is harvested, you will received an invoice for your remaining balance and processing costs. Your invoice needs to be paid prior to your meat being picked up/delivered. Your meat must be picked up within the same week that it is ready.

Free beef pick-up events in Eugene, Albany, Scio, Salem, and Portland. Beef shares may also be picked up directly from the butcher in Oakland, Oregon. Home delivery is available for an added fee, delivery fee starts at $25 for locations with 5 miles of an existing drop location, additional mileage will be charged based on the distance. 

About our beef: Our Certified Angus beef is 100% Grass-fed & finished, and all our animals are born and humanely raised on over 2400 acres. Our herd genetics continues to deliver excellent marbling on grass, currently a 5 star rating from customers! Our cattle are raised and finished on 100% grass consisting of quality forages, then dry aged for 14 days to produce premium angus beef. Our beef has a tender texture, deep color and a big ‘beefy’ flavor from a source that you can trust. When you pick up your beef, each piece is individually wrapped, labeled and frozen ready to go in your freezer.

Questions about ordering beef: Text Sarah at 503-970-2529 for the quickest response!!



100% grass-fed and finished Certified Angus Beef