Field to Fork Feast Box

Field to Fork Feast Box

25+ pounds
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Our Feast Box is every home chef's dream. It includes a mix of meats including some cuts that you don't typically find at the grocery store but are packed with flavor. Enjoy a delicious assortment of chops, steaks, roasts, chorizo, sausages and more.

Our Feast Box is a great way to try some new a big variety of our different meats!

👉 100% grass-fed beef 🐄 
👉 100% grass-fed lamb 🐑
👉 100% grass-fed goat  🐐 
👉 Hazelnut-finished pork (non-gmo, corn and soy free) 🐖



100% Grass-Fed Beef 100% Grass-Fed Goat 100% Grass-Fed Lamb Pasture Raised Pork Each box will vary. Please see individual packaging for a complete list of ingredients.