Lamb Shoulder Steaks

Lamb Shoulder Steaks

100% Grass Fed Lamb - 2 steaks per package
$13.99 /lb.
Avg. 1.15 lb.

Rediscover the Essence of Gourmet Cooking with Oregon Meat Co.'s Lamb Shoulder Steaks

Experience the rich, succulent taste of Oregon Meat Co.'s 100% grass-fed lamb shoulder steaks, a premium offering in our range of locally-raised lamb products. Each pack contains two shoulder steaks, full of robust flavor and tenderness, ready to transform your home cooking into a culinary adventure.

Our lamb shoulder steaks are a versatile cut, perfectly suited for grilling, broiling, or slow cooking. The marbling inherent in the shoulder imparts a juiciness and flavor that is unsurpassed, while slow cooking allows the meat to become exquisitely tender and fall-off-the-bone delicious.

At Oregon Meat Co., we are dedicated to sustainable, responsible farming practices. Our lambs graze freely on the rich, verdant pastures of Oregon, resulting in a product that is not only superior in taste, but also environmentally friendly. Fed only with grass, our lamb shoulder steaks truly embody the terroir of our beautiful state.

Inspire your culinary creativity with our lamb shoulder steaks

Grill them to perfection for a classic, sizzling steak experience, or slow-cook them in a savory stew, letting the rich flavors infuse the broth. For an unforgettable feast, try a traditional Moroccan tagine, where the lamb shoulder steak's robust flavor pairs beautifully with exotic spices and slow-cooked vegetables.

Enjoy nutrition with exceptional taste

Besides their incredible flavor, our 100% grass-fed lamb shoulder steaks are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are an excellent source of high-quality protein, rich in iron, and provide essential vitamins such as B12, necessary for healthy brain function and blood formation.

Ready to embark on a taste adventure with Oregon Meat Co.'s lamb shoulder steaks?

Our average package includes two steaks, weighing approximately 1.15 lbs, perfect for a wholesome family meal or an intimate dinner for two. Discover the extraordinary taste of our 100% grass-fed lamb and support our commitment to sustainable, ethical farming. It's time to create meals that are not only delightfully flavorful, but also kind to our planet.



100% Grass Fed Lamb