Steak Sampler

Steak Sampler

100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef Steaks


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Explore the Ultimate Steak Experience with Our Steak Sampler

Indulge in the rich flavors and unmatched quality of Oregon Meat Co.'s Steak Sampler, featuring a curated selection of 100% Grass-Fed and Finished Angus Beef. Priced at just $100, this package is a carnivore's dream, offering a taste of luxury with every bite. From the classic ribeye to the sumptuous New York steak, each cut represents the pinnacle of flavor and tenderness that only the finest Angus beef can provide.

Dive into the diversity of premium steaks with our Steak Sampler, which includes:

  • 2 Ribeye Steaks: Known for their rich marbling and deep flavor, perfect for grilling to succulent perfection.
  • 2 New York Steaks: A favorite for steak lovers, offering a balanced blend of tenderness and taste.
  • 2 Top Sirloin Steaks: Lean, hearty, and versatile, ideal for a variety of cooking methods.
  • 1 Flat Iron Steak: Tender and richly flavored, excellent for marinating and quick cooking.
  • 1 packaheSkirt Steak: Full of robust beef flavor, perfect for fast, high-heat cooking methods.

Our Angus cattle are raised on lush, Oregon pastures, ensuring a diet that's completely natural and GMO-free. This meticulous attention to diet and welfare translates to steaks that are not only healthier but also more flavorful and tender than conventionally raised beef. With Oregon Meat Co., you're not just buying steak; you're investing in a superior culinary experience.

Why Our Steak Sampler?

Our Steak Sampler is the perfect introduction to the quality and variety of grass-fed Angus beef. Whether you're looking to impress guests at your next dinner party or simply treating yourself to a gourmet feast, our selection offers something for every steak aficionado. And at $100, it's an affordable luxury that brings the best of Oregon's pastures straight to your plate. Enjoy the finest cuts of beef with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your meat is sustainably sourced and expertly selected for your enjoyment.

Embrace the full spectrum of steak excellence with Oregon Meat Co.'s Steak Sampler. Order now and elevate your culinary adventures with the finest 100% Grass-Fed and Finished Angus Beef available.



100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef